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Celebrating Diversity: LGBT Fostering

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Celebrating Diversity: LGBT Fostering

An increasing number of the LGBT community in the UK have been helped by a changes within the UK legal system and a real appreciation of the unique strengths and qualities which such individuals possess.

Fostering has become much more inclusive in recent years. There is a recognition by local authority and independent agencies that in order to support children and young people from a wide range of backgrounds we need to recruit foster parents who reflect and promote diversity.

Often LGBT individuals have experience of dealing with adversity and challenges in their lives which can help relate to the difficulties which many young people in care face.

LGBT individuals may be reluctant to put themselves forward to foster because they might be way on the basis of their sexuality. Whether in a partnership, married or single this will not be the case.

Brighter Futures is an inclusive agency which welcomes fostering applicants from the LBGT community so if you or may if you have friends or family in the LGBT community who want to foster then please reassure them and encourage them to contact us on  0800 882 4402 to discuss fostering or fill in an on line enquiry form and we will get back in touch.

Fast Fact:

A third of LGBT people think they'll face barriers to becoming a foster carer, despite some social workers saying LGBT people have particular strengths that can make us great foster carers. Tor Docherty, the chief executive of New Family Social via Fostering Network.

You are the foster parent, but together we are the professional team around the child you are looking after.

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