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Brighter Futures Foster Care Testimonials

"We are very pleased with Brighter Futures as an agency and their communication. They really stand out."

A Local Authority Social Worker said

"Your commitment and care for J has been exceptional and his progress and development since being with you has been evident. Your children have taken him into the family as someone who should feel valued and that belongs there."

Local Authority Social Worker of a Foster Parent

"Our young person is thriving in this placement and obviously feels safe and secure. I just wanted to make sure that they receive positive recognition of how much they have supported her."

Local Authority Social Worker

"Your help and support has been invaluable in helping the young man placed develop and achieve all that he has. He is a credit to all that hard work and dedication you have shown him."

Local Authority Social Worker

"Our social worker is both professional and approachable at all times and she is an absolute dream to work with. She is, in our eyes an absolute asset and we appreciate her."

Foster Parent comment of her Brighter Futures Social Worker

"The one thing I love about our Brighter Futures social worker is that she really cares about the foster parents and the children."

Care comment of Brighter Futures Social Worker

"We wanted to thank you for your support and professional attitude with us when we recently went through a placement breakdown. We might have ceased been foster carers had you not been so brilliant with us both."

Comment of Foster Parent

"We wanted to help keep children together and although having four siblings is tiring it is so rewarding."

Comment of Foster Parent

"Just a thank-you for the weekend course. I really enjoyed it. I’ve been so impressed with the agency. Please thank the trainer who had a wealth of knowledge."

Comment from Foster Parent on Training

"They never take a placement unless they are sure it will make"

Placing Local Authority

"Foster carers report excellent support"

Placing Local Authority

"There are many excellent examples of how well children and young people are doing."

Placing Local Authority

"Couldn’t have asked for a better agency."

Transfer Carer

"On the ball, absolutely safe and proactive with it."

Local Authority Social Worker


Placing Local Authority

You are the foster parent, but together we are the professional team around the child you are looking after.

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